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1017 wooo notes 👏🏽👏🏽 happy deepavali to everyone who celebrates! ⭐️🌟✨ hope y’all had a good day. swipe for close up of #timtamstudies #timtamstudies 2 days ago

1017 [crayola supertips swatch 4/4] wowsers!! finally finished. i have a little video of all the swatches!! hope you guys liked this ‘mini series’ haha #timtamstudies #timtamstudies 4 days ago

1017 hey guys!! how was your day? some old notes with my old style calligraphy and handwriting. and a little quote! do y’all want me to keep doing quotes? they’re quite fun haha #timtamstudies #timtamstudies 6 days ago

1017 [crayola supertips swatch 3/4] + a little video of all the swatches so far. ahh i’m almost done with them!! and for the poll on my story i think study tips is winning?? but i’ll look at it tmr again. also @junesstudies is having a challenge!! so yeh haha #junechallenge #timtamstudies #junechallenge #timtamstudies 1 week ago

1017 [crayola supertips swatch 2/4] hope you all enjoy this one too!! and congrats to those who have finished their eoys singaporeans?!! 💕 #timtamstudies #timtamstudies 1 week ago

1017 i tried this cute filter ? from line camera and it’s so pretty!! also thanks sm for 700!! 💕❤️ #timtamstudies #timtamstudies 1 week ago

1017 a highlighter test!! i tested six types of pens and the only ones that actually smudged the mildliner was the stabilo pointVisco uni ball eye and unfortunately the muji ink 0.38. - muji ink 0.38 - papermate inkjoy - papermate kilometrico elite - stabilo pointVisco - uni ball eye micro - sakura micro pigma fineliner plus the timelapse from my previous post! #timtamstudies #timtamstudies 2 weeks ago

1017 SWIPE — a little mildliner swatch inspired by @abbyjxnee.studies even though i don’t have as many as her 😂 swipe for details! i know i said i wouldn’t post today butttt.. #timtamstudies #timtamstudies 2 weeks ago

0917 guess who doesnt have anything to post cause theyre not feeling well again?? anyway if any other studygrams want to be friendos please dm!! #timtamstudies #bulletjournalss #timtamstudies 4 weeks ago

0817 i dont have a lot of mildliners but at least i can make a nice rainbow am i right? #timtamstudies edit!! 11th september over 450 likes!!?! i am SHOOK guys thank you sm !! ❤️💕💖 #timtamstudies 1 month ago