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I know there are many women out there like myself that are seeking to understand the nature of their own emotional landscape insecurities moodiness wounds . I was encouraged to read this today written by Psychologist author David Deida. A evolved perspective beyond "men are from mars women from Venus ." when our reality is distorted by a fear trigger our partner may take it as a personal attack and will react according to the way he perceives the emotion.. asking for space and resisting retaliation exchanging harsh words its not a act of weakness in perceived malice but a cry for compassion ... If he is operating in his feminine he wont be able to hold the emotional ground for you in your feminine . We feel in our feminine /and react in our masculine a dance within our own projectory . "Women are not liars but don’t believe the literal content of what she’s saying. The ‘truth’ of the feminine is whatever she is really feeling in this present moment." Instead know that she is talking about her CURRENT feelings. Praise her. The masculine grows by challenge the feminine grows by praise. It is always better to call the glass half full than half empty with your woman. Tolerating leads to resentment. Instead deal and open her moods with skilful loving. Occasionally talking helps but not as much as humour or physically expressed love. 90% of a woman’s emotional problems stem from feeling unloved. Don’t suggest a woman fix her own emotional problem. Any analysis or attempts to ‘fix’ her will just piss her off. Instead express love. Most men are afraid of or disgusted by feminine emotions. You try to fix them combat them or escape from them. One of the deepest feminine pleasures is when a man stands fully present UNREACTIVE in the midst of his woman’s emotional storms. Stay present and love her through the layers of wildness and closure. Don’t force the feminine to make decisions. Feminine decisions are based on what FEELS right. Tell her what you would do and why based on your masculine perspective but also tell her you’ll love her regardless of the decision she makes. David Dieda #superiorman #shivashatki #shivashatki #superiorman


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