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° Journal #35 For a while I didnt like the fact that I wasnt getting a lot of likes on a post When I started putting the hashtags in the comments and the "algorithm" ed how many times my post would be seen by a new person. For a while I didnt like how I was putting so much attention and energy into more than a dozen digital illustrations last year not getting much attention thinking they were awesome now looking back and I cringe a bit. They werent all that. ° Fact Im trying to make is I was expecting great rewards from producing mid bar talent. I didnt like it and I was content with not changing anything because I was that good. And whatever metre of talent I had was enough. ° It would take a lot more doses of humility before I realised I needed to things dont happen like that and being a Instagram newcomer at the time was no excuse. Needed to revamp my entire process and think of it from the reality perspective of maybe Im not on fire as I thought. Maybe your not always as good as you think. ° Thank you for reading my journey. #35


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  2. We gotta stay humble. 🙏

  3. @nika.mtwana definitely

  4. I can relate to this. Sometimes its best to put your head down and get to work. Think less about likes and followers and posting and focus on what you are creating at the moment! The journey is a long one. Plenty of time to make mistakes and learn from them. 🌠

  5. couldnt of said it any better than your comment