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A cold rainy and windy Lahore calls for steaming cups of chai and garma garam samosay 🤤. . Ive been a fan of Awesamosas caramelised onion samosay forever and when my sister-in-law told me theyve started doing two types of potato samosas as well I knew I had to make a trip there very soon. . So when some friends and I were to meet a few weeks ago I suggested we meet at Awesamosas. Its a bit of a dilemma deciding where to meet during hours that arent meal times. And when I want chai & snacks I usually want desi style ones such as pakorray spring rolls samosay etc. . Soon after placing our order at Awesamosas we were served piping hot samosay and strong cardamom chai in small chai khaana / tea "staall" style glasses. . Both the cheese and potato samosas and the spicy Hyderabadi potato samosas were all I had hoped they would be. Samosa heaven indeed! We had them serve the khattay aaloo and channay on the side and there was a chutney and a creamy sauce served with the samosas as well. . My friends also had the pizza samosas and the dum ka qeema samosas. We ordered another round of samosay and chai and later the good folks at Awesamosas sent over a third round of karrak chai with their compliments. . Judging by the mostly glowing reviews of Awesamosas at the recent Karachi Eat 2018 chances are they might set up shop in K-Town in the near future. . On a slight tangent Im happy to know of places like Chupa Rustom in Karachi that are trying to revive Karachis Irani Cafe culture. Parsi favourites like Kejriwal Eggs Akuri and the Per Edu dishes - things that I would see on the menus of places like Indias Soda Bottle Opener Wala Cafes and hope that someday we too might see the kind of Irani Cafes make a comeback that my mother grew up around in Karachi - she remembers the names of nearly all the cafes of that time and speaks fondly of the ones she and her family used to frequent. . I think I need to pay Awesamosas another visit today - the weather demands it ❄️🌧. 18 hours ago

Definitely Aweeesomeee #awesamosas😀 ! Tried #nutellafilledsamosa and #applepiesamosa with the scoop of ice cream and you got to be believe me it is HEAVEN. When you want something sweet cold a bit desi yet super tasty to satisfy your taste buds you got to stop at awesome spot of awesamosas. If you haven’t tried yet. You are seriously missing a major snack in your life. 🤗🙌🏻🍨 #awesamosas #defence #halliphulkibhook #snacks #samosalove #meethalove #foodie #foodporn #lifestyleblogger #bloggerfamily #aboutlastnight #familysnacking #teatime☕ #snacks #foodporn #samosalove #halliphulkibhook #applepiesamosa #awesamosas #lifestyleblogger #foodie #defence #meethalove #teatime☕ #aboutlastnight #familysnacking #bloggerfamily #awesamosas😀 #nutellafilledsamosa 3 weeks ago

When samosas collide - Also guys @hina_khurshid spilled chai which was so EMBARRASSING. 😶 . 4 weeks ago

Nommm 1 month ago