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Chunky sweaters and hot chocolate is my aesthetic 1 hour ago

Day 23 of the #InstaWriMo challenge Writer’s Block Un-Blocker! I saw this funny quote on Pinterest yesterday “Writer’s Block is when your imaginary friends refuse to talk to you.” To combat that I listen to focus music usually instrumental hint @chadlawsonpiano ‘s latest album dropped today and it is amazing. If it’s NaNo or one of the camp months I also check into the NaNoWriMoSprints twitter account to get a boost of inspiration and kick my writing butt into gear. And if all else fails more coffee a la @frothymonkey. @nanowrimo #nanowrimo #writersofinstagram #amwriting #writersblock #writinginspiration #bookstagram #bookstagramchallenge #instawrimo #amwriting #writinginspiration #bookstagram #bookstagramchallenge #writersofinstagram #writersblock #nanowrimo 11 hours ago

We were sipping coffee and saw @legitsadierob walk in but played it cool instead of bothering her. #ragrets #ragrets 2 days ago

Making new friends at our new favorite spot! 😊 if anyone is looking for a super dog friendly spot you have to check this place out! #frothymonkey #frothymonkeyfranklin #frothymonkeyfranklin #frothymonkey 2 days ago

“Tell me Did the enemy panic as You took up that cross? Tell me Did the darkness cry mercy as You rolled back that rock?” These words are SO impactful to me. It’s just me and the Father when I read them. There are no fancy lights or expensive clothes to keep me roped into the show. Here’s a question for you guys If you took the lights away the Ableton sound-tracks and the flashiness of the show would you still see Jesus? Would intimacy still be there? 3 days ago