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Images, videos at Washington Park Rose Garden Amphitheatre

ppl always have such nice things to say about my film pics and I wanna say thanks u 1 week ago

Love is in the fall air! 2 weeks ago

🔹🔺truly no idea what I would do without my love and I rarely write sappy shit but I’ve been so sensitive/emotional lately and I swear she is the secret weapon behind the scenes that keeps me right lmao she’s incredibly grounding and understanding and yet challenges me and surprises me at every turn and idk I’m lucky okay goodbye🔻🔹 3 weeks ago

I found fall!! Had to travel to Portland to find it.... but 😍! . This chick is so out of shape after 8 weeks out of commission... but I am trying to get it back. Slowly but surely. 3 weeks ago

גן הוורדים - פארק וושינגטון פורטלנד 6/10/17 4 weeks ago