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Images, videos at Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

A house coat that belonged to my Great Grandmother for this home. It has taken me some time to internally know I am here in a new place somewhat a foreign country to my heart. Moving to a different state of air water altitude land magic and people after nine years of settling and roaming all over California has proved a challenging transition and the other night I recognized I was holding onto my old life grasping remnants of threads to feel comfort yet indecision was driving me a bit mad. And then it came I felt so deep I chose here. I trust my choice my intuition. My leaving and goodbyes. Here I am. Slowly gathering a changed life and welcome way with a novel key. Because all of my nos to others to jobs to opportunities were for a reason. And I believe the soul knows a bigger picture then what is immediately presented. I am here for secrets I know and others I do not. Life does not happen all at once. But when someone questions Why Taos? I know it is because of the quiet and the towering holiness of mountains beyond my front door. And because I get to become acquainted with a truer version of myself in a region of peace wild and very raw reality. I stack wood and kindle the flame to heat these adobe walls the wind is so clean untainted and in some ways I feel lost from other parts of the world. Poets gather under stars and the snow capped range horses run free across miles. Medicines brew in French windows. Ceremony flows through the Rio. The historic southwest has an age old story and I have only just begun to touch upon the first pages. 35 minutes ago

“Your faith is not to help you avoid problems it is to help you go through them with grace and power” ❤️🌹🔥🌟 . . When Kali’s fire rips through your life it leaves no leaf un-charred. Her fire is one that can fuel the most radical of changes and the most liberating of truth rendering outcomes. Her fire is one that will invite you to see what is on the other side of your resistance to living the life you came here to live. So when the archetypal energy of the Great Mother Kali enters your life it is not by accident bad luck or misfortune. It is a divinely orchestrated sequence of well timed events that will often only make sense once it is all in your rear view mirror and the opportunity has come to look back and reflect upon what has finally opened up for you through the journey. . . Reflecting on the internal and external fires. Knowing that everything has it’s place in the play of the divine. #kali #kalima #devimaa #kaliyuga #shreema #atma #divineintervention #transform #collectivehealing #soulgrowth #kirtan #kirtanmusic #devotion #faith #alchemizeyourlife #yoga #bhakti #mantras #meditation #yogiclife #shaktispiritsanctuary #taosnewmexico #sundaychants #soulgrowth #sundaychants #yogiclife #bhakti #kali #meditation #kirtanmusic #shreema #devotion #atma #faith #devimaa #kirtan #transform #alchemizeyourlife #yoga #mantras #divineintervention #kaliyuga #shaktispiritsanctuary #taosnewmexico #collectivehealing #kalima 22 hours ago

“Kirtan isn’t about how much you know that’s for sure. Kirtan is about how much you feel” -Shyamdas ❤️🙏❤️ . . Had the complete honor and joy to experience this incredible woman and her gift of sharing heart song music through Kirtan and healing sound today. It was an intimate little group but the synchronicity of us all coming together was super strong and sweet. We listened we sang and we invited in the prayer for all that is currently going on right now with our Mother Earth. Trusting in the divine plan of these things while allowing space for grief as well. The portals were opened and our hearts expanded. What a beautiful Way to begin our Sunday morning. #givingthanks #kirtan #kirtanmusic #devotionalsong #indianmusic #sundaychants #musictherapy #healingsounds #naturalvoice #taosnewmexico #shaktispiritsanctuary #spirituality #meditation #bhakti #manyblessings #namaste #healingsounds #sundaychants #bhakti #meditation #devotionalsong #kirtanmusic #spirituality #kirtan #givingthanks #indianmusic #naturalvoice #shaktispiritsanctuary #namaste #manyblessings #taosnewmexico #musictherapy 1 day ago

To disbelieve in witchcraft is the greatest of all heresies. Malleus Maleficarum 1486 1 day ago

The cuteness of our house with lights!? 1 day ago

There is no better time to eat breakfast on a Saturday than anytime. In my handmade bowl homemade black beans caramelized onion kale cooked in bone broth coriander leaves poached eggs sea salt crushed pink peppercorns @taos_spice_merchants pecorino local rye molasses fennel sourdough toast golden ghee. 2 days ago

I could not stand to think once more a thought. Inside I felt tight. Like a strait jacket. All I wanted was to be free of hinderance yet my mind boiled under the sun as inside of me changed. Once peaceful and lovable I realized I had more to know and when the costume burned wholly I became. At night I stood beneath the stars more than I have ever seen we are closer in the high desert in the quiet and the dark thousands of feet above a rising sea. In the path of Milky Way. I have to look up the sky demands it our conversation and what I want more than anything is to not hold on and let my heart open. 2 days ago

Its an odd thing to think of how you want to honor those that came before you and influenced your life. In that thinking there is self discovery. Mine comes in the form of a choice to work harder love deeper and stand stronger than my grandfather. Not as a form of competition but as a symbol of respect for the hard work and sacrifices he made. The best way to honor him is to surpass the expectations he had of the type of man I would become. With each family members passing we have an opportunity to be reminded of the gifts they have left us and the values they have instilled. Only each individual can decide which of those things are good or bad. We all have the choice to continue or change our traditions behaviors and perspectives. When we go we will all leave indelible marks on those closest to us. The marks we leave are in the choices we make everyday. So always ask yourself "How do I want to be remembered today?" #FlipsSideOfLife #Growth #Mindset #DontWait #JustGo #Higher #Perspective #HaveAGreatJourneyGrandpa #Inspiration #Storyteller #LiveLife #LoveLife #HereTodayGoneTomorrow #haveagreatjourneygrandpa #mindset #livelife #heretodaygonetomorrow #perspective #growth #higher #flipssideoflife #storyteller #inspiration #dontwait #justgo #lovelife 3 days ago