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Images, videos at Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

The leaves have nearly gone 1 hour ago

Duffy sat like this for a while yesterday morning. Sniffing the air like it was a spiritual experience. I wonder what he smelled.... 1 hour ago

barn light. 52 minutes ago

#fbf to the magick of taos #wizardmamas @rrkanov @kimsoults @jenny57410 #fbf #wizardmamas 15 hours ago

Looking for a peaceful place to rest while on your #newmexico travels or vacation? Then check out our sweet Airbnb spot in Taos NM for your next stay! Weโ€™ve just uploaded some new photos of our sanctuary space and hope you get to join us soon for your next rest and retreat! Link into website to see more... // ************************* #airbnb #nmairbnb #arroyoseco #taosnewmexico #shaktispirit #sanctuaryspace #cozyspots #vacationtrip #vacationrentals #wanderlusters #travelers #nmtrue #coolmurals #homesweethome #homeawayfromhome #nmairbnb #taosnewmexico #cozyspots #vacationrentals #airbnb #homeawayfromhome #sanctuaryspace #coolmurals #nmtrue #newmexico #travelers #shaktispirit #arroyoseco #vacationtrip #wanderlusters #homesweethome 16 hours ago

โ€œI will symbolize my life as a spiralโ€”a moving line of vital vibration and follow my way from birth to death through well and hurt..I begin at the center. I come from the chaos and the completeness as the center of the spiral. I am vital moving growing unrestricted in resources as I am born in the Wise Woman tradition. In the natural flow of my expansion and enrichment I encounter pain I lose control I die. In the natural flow of my curiosity and play I discover joy and wisdom. I am born. Pain is inevitable suffering is optional in the Wise Woman tradition.โ€ #healingwise #medicinemandalaapprenticeship #wisewoman #wisewomantradition #lifeasaspiral #cycles #life #death #rebirth #medicinemandalaapprenticeship #cycles #wisewoman #lifeasaspiral #rebirth #wisewomantradition #life #death #healingwise 16 hours ago

Baths. There was a time in my life where it was not just a luxury it was a necessity that saved my life. For one month straight I drew a bath filled it with salt and herbs day and night and laid there submerged healing the gaping hole in my chest my hollowed body. I would stare at the candles I lit for hours massage herbal oils on my skin after and allow the process to change the constitution of the whole of me. One lifetime I lived at Esalen and for months my daily ritual was to pick flowers and herbs from the land to soak in the natural hot spring within a clawfoot tub. Whatever ailed me left in those waters and all the while it feels just the most romantic gift to myself. Years ago at a medicine retreat I cooked for I received a shamanic massage from a beautiful elder woman. She changed my life that day sweeping eagle feathers over my body praying for my future. In exchange I drew her a bath filled it with herbs and petals from the land and lit 40 candles around the tub. I left sweet dates filled with ghee and a warm mug of rose petal tea on the tile beside the steaming water. When I led her to her sanctuary she had tears in her eyes and told me she had never received such a gift. The feeling was mutual. One of my loves is preparing others baths. It feels an ancient offering that is essential for our well being and an act of selfless service that delights me. One day I will have a bathhouse and pass on this gift to many. in all seriousness If anyone has land with with a source of water and is open to me building a sacred bath house knows of an open piece of land that suits this or is willing to invest please message me. #ritual #bathhouse #bathhouse #ritual 20 hours ago

YR4/292 #thedailydeck /// big upโ€™s to @microwaveskateshop ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ #thedailydeck 21 hours ago