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Stop in and visit these spooks at the Pennington House in downtown Yankton. Candy is going fast this monkey is hungry. #HappyHalloween #happyhalloween 2 weeks ago

The city lights 💫 1 month ago

It’s not Wrigley Field but the ivy on one of the Pennington houses is turning red. 1 month ago

We had a visitor from Amazon Primes adventure seeking series Fireball Run this afternoon. #TeamOhioFBR found our unique Totem Head sculpture by E. Spencer Shubert. Thanks for popping in Lynda! #teamohiofbr 1 month ago

Today we received wild onion bulbs from the daughter of a man who hunted West River wolves for the $50 bounty a hundred years ago. Don’t you love South Dakota! Irean Jordan 94 a longtime and faithful reader from Faith mailed us these onions for our magazine garden with exact planting instructions which we promise to follow. Thanks Irean. #southdakota #weloveourreaders #weloveourreaders #southdakota 1 month ago

Kind words about my book in the Sept/Oct South Dakota Magazine. BTW if you like mesmerizing photography history culture and wit consider a subion to this mag. 2 months ago

As I gaze at my desk tchotchkes this morning I cant help but wonder do other people think this is creepy? #diadelosmuertos #diadelosmuertos 2 months ago

Ive cut way back on my #kombucha consumption as I plan for @soulstoryyoga because $$. Imagine my joy this morning when I remembered I bought one last night but hadnt had it yet! #kombucha #yogateacherlife 3 months ago

Beat the heat with a cold lemonade and the July/August copy of South Dakota Magazine featuring articles on Corson County Plants with a Purpose Blue Cloud Abbey Monks Sailing on the Oahe and much more. Call 800-456-5117 or click link in bio section to subscribe today! ☀️#corsoncounty #plants #oahe #sailing #blueabbey #southdakota #greatfacesgreatplaces #corsoncounty #greatfacesgreatplaces #oahe #sailing #plants #blueabbey #southdakota 4 months ago

Work luncheon from Willa Bs! 9 months ago

Our old 49 Chevy isnt going anywhere for a while. Home delivery might not be available but were here in Yankton. Call if you need anything. #snowySD #snowysd 9 months ago

Sorry to have missed @heidmarsh and others at the @sodakmagazine office today. 10 months ago

Give the gift of South Dakota this year ... 11 months ago

I love my mid morning snack time!! #whatveganseat #whatveganseat 1 year ago